Think twice before you buy!!!

I was so stupid and now I have to use piece of crap...


I created this page, because last summer I bought low-end LG device: LG F60. I love their user interface, especially UX 4.0. However, it seems like many Chinese "smartphones" are better than mine.

Grasp all, lose all, they said. I wanted cheap subscription, and F60 was the only one LTE device available. What's more, I see lots of people using D390n as daily driver. Even if they aren't tech-savvy, they are disappointed because device was advertised as smart... and it isn't. Moreover, it's IMPOSSIBLE to return or exchange phone, because of f**ked up contracts!

Drawbacks - after 6 months

Even if American version (MS395) is still running KitKat, it works much better.

I've bought D390n too. What can I do?

Don't worry. Some reasonable scenarios are:

And one more thing - next time, just buy something better.

It's impossible to fix HW issues, but what about SW?

There is no custom ROM as I previously said, but you can still improve your experience. It's a Polish modification of stock firmware, with extra applications, Google bloatware removed, and few additional tweaks. Now I have about 800MB of free storage and all features are working correctly.

Because there is no English version of the tutorial, I decided to create a video.